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Why an asset-transfer strategy may be suitable for you?

An Asset Transfer Strategy uses a tax-exempt vehicle (insurance policy) to allow you to invest your assets tax efficiently and transition the assets to the next generation tax-free. It can be used to help finance taxes owing on assets you hold on death, eliminating the need for financing the tax owing or by requiring the selling off a property to pay the future tax bill. People are also often surprised that the insurance policy itself has an attractive after-tax rate of return when compared to many other traditional investment options. 

Who would be Suitable for an Asset Transfer Strategy?

Generally, for individual’s aged 60 - 84

Typically, a successful business owner with significant assets in a holding company or in individually held non-registered investments, or individuals or corporations having recently received net proceeds from inheritance or sale of assets.

These individuals have looked at their retirement situation and concluded that they have more than enough to meet their needs and are effectively managing for the next generation.

Their objectives include updates to their estate plans, strategies to minimize income tax, and consideration on the timing of when and how their assets are transitioned to beneficiaries (which can include family members or registered charities).


Common Questions from Candidates of the Asset Transfer Strategy

How much money will go to income taxes when I die?

How do I pass my assets to my heirs or charity in a tax efficient manner?

I am concerned about how my estate will transition to my heirs and the impact of challenges to my wills (wills variation). What can I do to mitigate this concern?

How will Old Age Security pension claw back impact me?


What are the Benefits of the Asset Transfer Strategy?

Grow your assets now more tax efficiently.

Create a liquidity event to obtain cash when you need it (to pay for estate related taxes and fees).

Lower the value of your corporate assets for purposes of date of death deemed disposition tax.

Make a superior after-tax rate of return.

Pre-plan your Estate Plan!

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